The Concept behind my New Music Video, "Worry."

We decided to make a hard hitting and fast paced video as the song has such a high energy to it. Also the lyrics are pretty intense. Mostly when Im writing a song I pick a subject, create a character and dramatise the situation.  So the lyrics are about someone who suffers with anxiety and is deeply paranoid. So thats where the idea of him being chased by people came from. 

The idea for the bath scenes came from the production. The start of the 2nd verse sounds like its underwater so thats what gave me that idea of the character in the bath. Building on this concept we decided the character played by me would take a drug overdose and be found by a paramedic trying to rescue him. We thought this hard hitting video would hopefully grab peoples attention and make a bigger impact with the general public. I think its worked as I have had a few enquiries from people to see if I'm still alive!! Ha ha! 

How my Clothes fell off before the first song finished at the Hare & Hounds in Birmingham!


“I felt helpless. I could see the crowd laughing as they noticed my costume deteriorating.”…

I was young and naive but full of confidence as I turned up to one of my first gigs at The Hare & Hounds.

I had formed a band at Stratford Upon Avon College and we were massively chuffed when an agent booked us at the venue for a headline slot.

We spent a lot of time promoting it round the campus, created some good hype and had a good crowd attending the show. I definitely thought our image / presence needed working on and that I personally had to make a statement. That I did but…not in the way I was hoping!

I decided to wear some fake gold, necklaces, bracelets, rings as well as a big spike through my eyebrow. I looked a bit like a skinny pale version of MR T.

Everything I was planning to wear as a stage outfit looked quite cheap and tacky. I had no money, no job and any spare change I did have then, id spend on cheap cider at the Off-Licence! Nether the less I was a student trying to discover my identity and I thought I looked cool.

So for the show I’d be wearing a pair of £3 sunglasses, this hideous bowler hat, with graffiti writing all over it that I bought from The Bullring Market… and for some reason decided it would be cool to have a Cane as a stage prop whilst singing and fronting my band.

I went to BHS in Solihull, and came across this walking stick, which had a gold like, “Labrador,” head on the top as a handle and a screw extension at the bottom. The Kane cost £40 but the “0” had faded of the price tag. I took it to the till and caused such an argument with the lady behind the counter about false advertising that they sold me the Cane for £4! Result!

So anyway, there I was, with my new band, ready to take over the world with our music. The college fans packed in to the venue and gave us a generous welcoming as we began to perform our opening number.

 As I started moving this Walking stick around in a suggestive manner to the music…the gold “Labrador,” head fell off the top of the Cane! Disaster! I was left with a piece of wood in my hands…so the Cane lasted all of 30 seconds! I ditched the stick and continued jumping around the stage but then the screws in my sunglasses fell out and the lenses started to flap up and down off my face! I felt helpless. I could see the crowd laughing as they noticed my costume deteriorating so they had to go too. I threw them in to the crowd as if it was some sort of rock and roll gesture shortly followed by this hideous hat I was wearing and sweating to death in. So not even before the first song had finished…my whole outfit had perished. Not only that. Once I took all the fake Gold off I had been wearing …I was left with green marks around my neck and fingers. This was certainly not a cool look for the college bus the following morning!

I sometimes wish I had a photo of me in the outfit but at the same time maybe it would give me nightmares for the rest of my life.