The Concept behind my New Music Video, "Worry."

We decided to make a hard hitting and fast paced video as the song has such a high energy to it. Also the lyrics are pretty intense. Mostly when Im writing a song I pick a subject, create a character and dramatise the situation.  So the lyrics are about someone who suffers with anxiety and is deeply paranoid. So thats where the idea of him being chased by people came from. 

The idea for the bath scenes came from the production. The start of the 2nd verse sounds like its underwater so thats what gave me that idea of the character in the bath. Building on this concept we decided the character played by me would take a drug overdose and be found by a paramedic trying to rescue him. We thought this hard hitting video would hopefully grab peoples attention and make a bigger impact with the general public. I think its worked as I have had a few enquiries from people to see if I'm still alive!! Ha ha!