The campaign behind my new single

Hi, I'm Sebastian Tree, an extremely passionate Singer / Songwriter from the UK. I have invested my whole life in to my career and I really love what I do. I am hoping now you guys can be a part of this incredible journey too and help me generate enough money to help promote my new Single!

I am looking to generate £6000 of funding to promote / advertise my new single on Facebook and Instagram. £4000 of the budget will be spent on these 2 platforms as they are the most effective when it comes to music marketing. I will spend £1000 on other sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Apple Music and Spotify. I will use £700 for the music video and
£300 for merchandise after the release date. 

If I don't get the exact funding I need, then I will just use the money I do get from this campaign on advertising the single on Instagram and Facebook.

If I can achieve the funding I require you would literally be the record label I don't have. All a label would do in todays market is mainly promote this song on Instagram and Facebook. Well I've took marketing courses and studied social medial for 4 years now so I don't need to pay anyone to do it. This is where I know how to target and reach an audience on all Social Media platforms....I just need the funding to run the advertising and make the music video.

I will run a 6 week Social Media campaign, generating interest around the release of the song. I know who my target audience is and how to maximise this budget. I have ran campaigns before and in the past paid other companies to do it. The truth is, if I'd of spent the money on advertising myself, rather than pay these marketing companies, I would of seen much greater results. There is no one more qualified than me to run these campaigns. I have heavily invested time and money in to studying Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.  I know how the algorithms, analytics and all the technical side to marketing works on these platforms. I may help other people do it too in the future! So Im asking you to fund me and I will work day and night getting the right people to hear my music. Please help me on this journey.

I have been writing songs since the age of 8 and will never stop till the day I die. I am always challenging my art and striving to improve my writing skills. I really feel this is the best song I have written to date and I would love the world to hear it. I have been working with an amazing talented Producer called Ben Preston who helped me finish the music and produced the track and now we need your help to promote it! I wrote this song because of what I was seeing in the world. The message and theme behind the lyrics are people will always be stronger when listening to each other and working together. I think this relates to so many things in the world and needs to be heard by as many people as possible. I believe if we do more listening and less talking, people/communities can and will be great again. I hope you can contribute in spreading this positive message around the world.

Obviously there is no guarantee that this funding will make this song a success but it is the only way people will get to hear it. I believe in the track and I believe a lot of people will relate to it and hopefully use it as motivation to make a difference. 



In my previous releases I have had the following success all through my own finances, belief and brilliant support from family and friends

  • National Airplay on BBC Radio 2
  • Latest Single (Something in the water) entered Viral UK Top 50 on Spotify (Only unsigned Artist in this playlist)
  • Latest Single(Something in the water) hit New Music Friday on Spotify (Only unsigned Artist in this playlist)
  • iTunes Top 10 Single in the Download Chart
  • 2nd Single made the Sky Sports & BT Sports Playlist for January 2017
  • 2nd Single featured on Channel 4's TV soap 'Hollyoaks,' in March 2017.
  • BBC News and Local TV Interview
  • Performed live for BBC Introducing twice
  • 4 Sold Out shows in Birmingham 
  • First Single / Music Video aired at The New York Film Festival 
  • Hand picked out of 50,000 artist to perform at BBC Amplify in London. A new event celebrating 10 years of BBC Introducing

I have made many mistakes along the way, invested in people and companies that on reflection was an error of judgment on my behalf. But these experiences have only made me stronger, more wise and more determined to succeed. 

Other Ways You Can Help

I understand if you can't make a contribution but you can still help by sharing this campaign with others you may personally know who may be able to raise finances for this project.

Another way you can help is by simply sharing this on social media to create awareness and give much needed exposure to this campaign using the Indiegogo Share tools!

Thank you so much for your time and I really hope you can help me in the next chapter of my career. It's been an unbelievable journey so far and I'm hoping with your help we can get my Single heard around the world, spreading a positive and great message to everyone who gets to hear it. 

Thank you. 

Yours Faithfully, Sebastian